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L.A. Mayoral Candidate Mike Feuer Picks His Lane As Race Takes Shape

Is the city attorney's campaign strategy a winning one?
karen bass

Bassapalooza! Karen Bass Kicks Off L.A. Mayoral Candidacy

There’s a unique atmosphere at the first campaign rally for mayoral hopeful Karen Bass
illegal nightclubs hollywood

The City Cracks Down on Illegal Nightclubs and an Underground Casino in Hollywood

City Attorney Mike Feuer filed charges against individuals his office alleges have been operating illicit businesses for months
mayor's race

Big Bucks Roll in for Those Gunning for Mayor and Other Citywide Posts

An early look at who’s bringing in the most money in the races for mayor, city attorney, and city controller—and where that cash is coming from
los angeles fraud

Fundraising Is Underway for the 2022 Local Races. Here’s Who’s In the Lead

Money isn't everything, but early totals give us a glimpse of races to watch, from mayor to city council
las perlas transgender

Hate Crime Charges Filed in Alleged Transphobic Incident at Las Perlas Last Year

"Acts of hate against transgender people have no place in our society," City Attorney Mike Feuer said in a statement
at-home covid-19 test

At-Home COVID-19 Tests Are a Scam, City Attorney Mike Feuer Warns

If someone shows up at your door, don’t buy what they’re selling
mike feuer mayor

City Attorney Mike Feuer Tells Us About His ‘Neighborhood Centered’ Run for Mayor

The city’s self-proclaimed ”chief problem solver” is the first person to announce a run for mayor in 2022

Puppy Scammers Are Out to Ruin Christmas

City Attorney Mike Feuer warns of a spike in online cons—and gently suggests adopting a dog instead of buying one

STUMPED: Meet City Attorney Hopeful Mike Feuer

The latest in our series of user-friendly profiles on the local candidates running for office