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Google Announces Layoffs of 12K Staffers in Latest Tech Bloodletting

The company joins Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter in mass sackings. A looming economic downturn is blamed, but could there just be a surplus of "elites"?

Microsoft Will Axe 10,000 Employees for Fear of Economic Gloom

Tech giant Microsoft will fire five percent of its global workforce by summer, catching up with the rest of the industry
Paul Allen Bill Gates

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen’s $1 Billion Art Collection Goes to Auction

Paul Allen’s eclectic art collection—with works by Lichtenstein, Hopper, Monet, O’Keefe and more—hits the block at Christie’s this November

Cheap Netflix with Commercials Will Be Brought to You By Microsoft

The partnership will help Netflix offer a less pricey subscription in exchange for breaking into “Squid Game 2" with ads at the worst moments

Google Alert! The Tech Giant Just Purchased 12 More Acres of L.A. Land

The search engine is expanding its Silicon Beach presence