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fish fraud

How to Steer Clear of Fraudulent Fish

Restaurants and wholesalers are passing off cheap lookalikes as pricier specimen—don't get snookered

Why You Might Avoid Hitting Providence, Mozza, Animal, and Other L.A. Restaurants Tonight

Some of the city’s best chefs are outta town—for good reason.

Enrique Olvera’s Visit to Providence Could Be a Pivotal Moment in L.A.’s Modern Mexican Scene

The chef from Pujol and Cosme came to Providence and showed some pocho chefs what high Mexican gastronomy is all about

Bite of the Week: Shrimp Remoulade Roll at Cape Seafood and Provisions

An up-close look at our editors’ favorite bites from around the city

Why Suzanne Goin Is Up for a James Beard Award Again

Or, our annual “calm the heck down” explanation of the James Beard Award category rules and how they pertain to L.A.
Suzanne Goin

Guest Chef Series at Providence Packs Some Serious Star Power

Dominique Crenn and Suzanne Goin are first on the list

Los Angeles Magazine Gets Another James Beard Nomination

Suzanne Goin and Petit Trois are also finalists for awards

Food Lover: Alfredo Gurrola, the Fisher King

The city’s top chefs rely on this seafood purveyor to reel in their catch of the day

Motor Mouths: Michael Cimarusti Talks Lobster Rolls in the 2014 Aston Martin

Our Gentleman Journalist chauffeurs the Providence and Connie & Ted’s chef for a day

Q&A: Chatting Chowder with Michael Cimarusti

At Connie and Ted's, the seafood master does three kinds of chowder, including the sublime and rarely seen Rhode Island version