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Angry Birds: Michael Bay Denounces TheWrap for ‘Defamatory’ Allegations

The “Transformers" director insists that charges of murdered pigeons are false, and that they diminish his rep as an animal rights advocate

Jake Gyllenhaal Says His New Movie ‘Ambulance’ Is ‘A Love Letter to’…

“It just made me think about them every day, especially since we were filming in the second wave of the pandemic here in LA," the actor told LA Mag at the premiere of the film.
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Michael Bay’s New Pandemic Epic Hits a Speed Bump Over Pandemic Protocols

One of the first movies set to film in L.A. since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis has been slapped with a Do Not Work order by the actor’s union

Partyscope: Transformers

Michael Bay’s latest bot buster debuts today. These stars have gone through a Hollywood-style metamorphosis worthy of Optimus Prime

Video Village With Ask Chris: Thirty Years of Transformers

Here's the Saturday morning cartoon that launched a billion robots in disguise

Reel Words: The Destruction of Tom Cruise, Batman vs. Godzilla, a Digital Paul Walker, and More

Ever seen the movie where Adam West’s Batman nearly fought Godzilla? Of course you haven't. It was never made. But the week’s best writing about movies includes a story about the film