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Michael Avenatti is Behind Bars in L.A. After Stormy Daniels Fraud Conviction

The lawyer also has a 30-month federal sentence pending for extorting Nike
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Michael Avenatti Convicted of Wire Fraud and Identity Theft in Stormy Daniels Trial

The onetime liberal star and avowed Trump enemy says he will appeal the case of his former No. 1 client

Michael Avenatti Wants $94 Million for Alleged Abuse by Trump and Bill Barr

The onetime liberal hero says Trump and his former Attorney General personally sent him to the worst penal hell in the U.S., and now he wants to make them pay
michael avenatti charges money

Michael Avenatti Says Former Attorney General Bill Barr Personally Sent Him to the Hole

The onetime liberal media hero claims that Trump’s handpicked Attorney General ordered him into a U.S. gulag reserved for the nation’s most dangerous criminals.

Michael Avenatti Wants Stormy Daniels’ Mental Health Records in Fraud Case

Former attorney of the adult film star filed a motion for his defense in a N.Y. wire fraud case in which he allegedly diverted to himself $300,000 owed to Daniels.
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Michael Avenatti Tearfully Laments His Fall from Grace at New York Sentencing

The disgraced SoCal attorney was sentenced to 30 months in prison for an extortion scheme—and now he heads to trial in Orange County
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Disgraced Lawyer Michael Avenatti Is Set to Face Fraud Charges in Orange County

Shortly after he's sentenced in an extortion scheme involving Nike, Stormy Daniels's former attorney will head to trial for allegedly conning clients out of settlement money
michael avenatti charges money

Disgraced Attorney Michael Avenatti’s Quiet 2020 Is About to Give Way to a Wild 2021

A look inside the Newport Beach-based lawyer's dizzying legal affairs—and all the people who've been swept up in them
michael avenatti charges money

Attorney Michael Avenatti Found Guilty of Extorting Nike

Stormy Daniels's former lawyer faces a max of 20 years in the slammer
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Disgraced Attorney Michael Avenatti Is Reportedly Being Held in El Chapo’s Old Cell

His lawyers want him out of solitary confinement, but the warden says it’s for his own safety