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Wife Says Local Cops Extorted OC Public Defender Found Dead in Mexico

The wife of Orange County lawyer Elliot Blair says Mexican cops tried to shake him down before he was found dead at a Rosarito Beach resort

Wife Suspects Foul Play After OC Public Defender Dies at Mexican Resort

Mexican police say an Orange County lawyer died in a drunk mishap at a Rosarito Hotel, but the family says it was no accident
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Local Officials Are Worried About NYE Partiers Coming Back from Mexico

Despite a deadly surge in virus cases, a travel advisory and mandatory quarantine period are operating on the honor system

A Former Mexican Military Official Was Arrested in L.A. for Allegedly Working with Drug Cartels

General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda was supposed to be battling drug cartels. Law enforcement says he was cashing in on their goods instead

Anabel Hernández Risked Her Life to Tell the Story of 43 Missing Mexican Students

The exiled journalist turned her investigative reporting into a book, A Massacre in Mexico
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Gavin Newsom Says the Situation at the Border Is a “Manufactured Crisis”

The governor is pulling California National Guard troops
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Pictures of People Losing Their Minds Over Mexico’s World Cup Win

An underdog victory over powerhouse Germany was cause for celebration in L.A. and abroad