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What My First Suicide Attempt Taught Me About Staying Alive

An ex-foster kid walks into a psych ward after an early morning suicide attempt—stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

47 NorCal Sheriff’s Deputies Lose Badges, Guns for Bad Psych Tests

An audit of Alameda County deputy psyche exams triggered by a recent double-murder revealed dozens unfit for duty

Newsom Signs Far-Reaching, Controversial Mental Health Bill Into Law

CARE Court will allow civil proceedings against people will severe mental illnesses, followed by two years of court-monitored services
ezra miller on red carpet

‘The Flash’ Ezra Miller Says Sorry for Scandal, Arrest Spree—Seeks Help

The studio’s iffy on Miller, but they say they’re getting mental health treatment, and that they’re sorry about all that trouble with the law

Shawn Mendes Cancels Rest of World Tour for Mental Health

“The reality is I was not at all ready for how difficult touring would be after this time away,” Mendes said about nixing his remaining dates

Miss USA Org Opens L.A. Mental Health-Focused MISS Academy in Response to Cheslie Kryst’s Death

“The passing of Cheslie Kryst was definitely a catalyst to make these workshops,” Miss USA President told LA Mag.

Stanford Responds to Suicide Crisis After 4th Student in 13 Months Takes Her Own Life

Just a week after the Stanford goalkeeper and captain’s death, university officials vow to strengthen their mental health services

We Need to Flatten the Curve of Despair

Isolation can be deadly, but our lack of connection well predates the COVID-19 crisis
election stress disorder

Can We Get Through This Election Season with Our Mental Health Intact?

Anxiety through the roof? You might be dealing with Election Stress Disorder—and you aren't alone
social media mental health pandemic

Will the Pandemic Turn Us All Into Teenage Girls?

As we spend more time gazing at our phones and monitoring our social feeds during the safer-at-home order, experts worry our mental health could suffer