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The Apartment by The Line

The Apartment by The Line Just Moved to Melrose Place

Everything is for sale—from the designer clothing that fills the closets to the charcoal toothbrush in the bathroom

Zero + Maria Cornejo’s Melrose Place Store Turns Five and Celebrates for a Cause this Weekend

Maria Cornejo is in town for the weekend to celebrate her Melrose Place shop's fifth birthday--by giving back

Street Smart: Melrose Place

A handy guide to the trend-conscious boutiques and specialty cafes that dot the famed corridor

Style Stakeout: Melrose Place

Once a languid enclave of antiques stores, Melrose Place now bustles with high-end designer boutiques—and has the crowds to match

Mari Vanna: a Russian Oasis on Melrose Place

The first full look inside West Hollywood's newest restaurant.