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These 13 Innovations Changed the World—and They All Originated in L.A.

From fast food and gangster rap to skateboarding and the internet, these origin stories are set in SoCal
mcdonaldland art

Trippy Artifacts From McDonaldland Are Going Up for Auction

Mayor McCheese, Grimace, and the rest of the weird McDonaldland gang

Know Your Streets: Huntington Drive

A brief history of a historic route from DTLA to Pasadena
First Taco Bell

The First Taco Bell Will Be Saved from Demolition!

The fast food company is moving the 53-year-old building to Irvine on Thursday night
National Burger Day

Celebrate National Burger Day With These Bizarre Burger Mascots

Dine at Bob's, Pann's, or Goody's for a hamburger with character

6 McCrazy Burgers You Can Make with McDonald’s Create Your Taste Kiosk

The company's build-your-own-burger station in Downtown L.A. lets you customize your own insane creations

This Psychedelic McDonaldland Museum Will Blow Your Mind

Grimace, Hamburglar, and Mayor McCheese are back to sell you hamburgers and haunt your dreams

I Can’t Believe They’re Not McDonald’s Fried Apple Pies

The bizarre story of how chef Eric Greenspan got his mitts on an extinct fast food favorite

Ask Chris: Hometown Favorites

Local tastes are in and McDonald’s and Burger King are out at LAX