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Why L.A.’s Next Mayor Won the Election Is Obvious—She’s Karen Bass

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Los Angeles 2022 Election Results: Not All Progressives Are Created Equal

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Los Angeles Election Night Winners and Losers (and How Long We’ll Wait for Final Results)

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The Top 9 Most Compelling Races in the 2022 L.A. Elections

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The 2022 Mayor’s Race, in 22 Chapters (Part 2)

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The Los Angeles Mayoral Race, in 22 Chapters (Part I)

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All the Highlights From Karen Bass v Rick Caruso: The Last Duel

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Why is Anyone Surprised by Rick Caruso’s Mayoral Race Spending?

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If You Support Karen Bass or Rick Caruso, Your Candidate Won the Mayoral Debate

Cityside Column: The finalists throw darts as election day approaches but neither was particularly inspiring on the debate stage

The Karen Bass Gun Burglary Raises So Many Questions

Cityside Column: Details are slim in the latest unpredictable aspect of the mayor’s race but it certainly isn't great for Rep. Bass