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Chinese Food: Last Bite

Fortune cookies? Oh please. Save room for shaved ice, frilly fruit tarts, and durian rolls

Chinese Food: Sesame Street

No city’s Chinatown—not even our own—comes close to Valley Boulevard in the San Gabriel Valley for the scope of Chinese regional specialties. From the fusion fare of Hong Kong...

Chinese Food: The Essentials

DumplingsPuff BallsA sweet treat in a steel steamer, red bean buns are loaded with a rich ruby paste. Where: Din Tai Fung, 1108 S. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia.  Bottoms UpBaked buns...

Chinese Food: Westward Ho!

Prefer your Hunan beef without the freeway trek? Whet your appetite closer to home

Chinese Food: Two Chinatowns

Yang Chow’s slippery shrimp still beckons, but the area beyond the dragon gates is not the culinary destination of old. What it is remains enchanting

Hostaria del Piccolo

The folks behind Venice’s upscale Piccolo Ristorante have cut loose with Hostaria del Piccolo. Wood covers the walls and ceiling and composes the tables, chairs, and benches. (Warning: Each...

How many flights come in and out of LAX every day?

If you count international, domestic, military, cargo, and private aircraft, the airport logs 1,578 landings and takeoffs every 24 hours. That averages one plane down a runway every 55...

I heard a rumor that Walmart is being kept out of L.A. on purpose. Is this just a conspiracy theory?

It’s not a rumor; it’s city ordinance No. 176166. The 2004 rule prohibits superstores in vast parts of the city. Five Walmarts were constructed in L.A. before the law...

I think I’ve seen smoke coming from the dragons over the Broadway entrance to Chinatown. Am I hallucinating?

If you were seeing lush grass in Death Valley, then I’d wonder. But the two dragons, which seem to be fighting over a large white pearl atop the Chinatown...

L.A.’s Finest (Fantastical) Dim Sum Cart

Hong Kong’s gift to brunch, dim sum is a noisy, tea-soaked smorgasbord. We assembled—virtually at least—the dim sum cart of our dreams, carrying ten of our favorite morning nibbles from some of L.A.’s choicest practitioners