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The Weekender: Sonoma Valley

With its oaky highlights and rich history, Napa’s earthy neighbor is more than the sum of its grapes

Swinging Metaphors With Bryan Cranston

Photograph by Kharen Hill/Corbis Outline If Bryan Cranston were a Dodger—a notion not without appeal to him—he would be the consummate utility player, a grinder, a veteran of countless unsung...

The 2010 Pet Survey

Illustration by Mark MatchoSeparated at birth: 58% of Angelenos believe that the longer a dog and a person live together, the more they look alike  The begging pays off: 69% of...

The Pet Guide

Los Angeles magazine, May 2010 @import url(//cdn2.lamag.com/LA_Mag/articles/2010/05/style-pets.css);FEED ME! »5 GREAT SPOTS TO BUY FOOD »BISCUIT TASTE TEST »OVER THE TOP: WE'LL HAVE WHAT HE'S HAVING »BOARD ME! »COMFORTABLE CONES »ANIMAL MASSAGES...