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Actually, You Will Have to Wear a Mask on L.A. Public Transit After All

Even though federal mask mandates are cancelled, Los Angeles Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer is going with the CDC’s opinion
LAX air traffic control shut down airport airplane

Federal Judge Strikes Down Mask Mandate for Planes, Public Transportation

A Donald Trump appointee in St. Petersburg, Florida has ruled that national requirement to mask-up for flights is illegal

LAUSD Parents Hold Protest Against Indoor Mask Mandate

Protestors are directing their frustrations at United Teachers Los Angeles, who have been key in extending the mandate

Mask Rules, Sick Pay: It’s A New Day for COVID in California

The state’s newest policies relax mask mandates and approve paid sick leave for those affected by COVID

L.A. County Supervisor Says ‘Do Away’ With Masks After Newsom Caught Maskless

Gov. Newsom and other mask-pushing pols were caught grinning unprotected at the Rams game. Now, Kathryn Barger says everyone should enjoy their taste of freedom.