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Where to Find L.A.’s Best Mariscos

Get your ceviche, camarones, and cocteles fix at these spots

It’s Time for L.A.’s Godfather of Mexican Seafood to Get His Due

Vicente "Chente" Cossio, the man behind Coni'Seafood and Mariscos Chente's, still has the magic touch with ceviche

It’s Raining Mariscos: Two New Restaurants Shine the Spotlight on Sinaloa

One of L.A.’s best Mexican chefs heads to Fontana and a new seafood spot rises from the ashes of Rocio’s Moles de los Dioses

Essential T: Mariscos El Güero Dishes Quality Seafood from the Back of a Liquor Store

Pick up a case of beer along with some surprisingly fresh ceviche
El Coraloense

Essential T: Lobster Nachos at El Coraloense

Because the only thing better than nachos is lobster nachos

Essential T: Callo de Lobina at Mariscos Los Sitios

Splendid Sinaloan seafood emerges in Lincoln Heights

Mercado Crew Goes Maritime with Two Maradentro Restaurants

Get ready for Crabiqueso: Jose Acevedo and Jesse Gomez plan to launch their mariscos concept in Studio City this April

Stellar Sinaloan Seafood at Mariscos El Moreno

The mariscos truck joins a recent surge of stellar seafood vendors from Mexico’s ceviche capitol

Essential T: Tamales Barbones at Mariscos El Cristalazo

A former waitress raises the bar for traditional Mexican seafood In L.A.

Essential T: Aguachile Tostada at Mariscos El Faro

A spicy dish from the beaches of Mazatlan makes a splash in Highland Park