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The Marilyn Monroe Memorial Service is Live Streaming on Wednesday Morning

Friends and fans gather in Westwood to mark the 53rd anniversary of the film icon's passing

Framed: The Best of Bachardy Goes on Display at Craig Krull Gallery

The new exhibition Hollywood features the portrait artist's take on the film industry

This Marilyn Monroe Admirer Needs a Crypt Near Her Hero

Fans of the late burlesque dancer Dixie Evans hope to place her near Monroe at Westwood Cemetery

Roger Richman, Agent for Dead Celebrities, Dies At 69

He epresented Marilyn Monroe and other golden age stars

You Don’t Look A Day Over 99, Avalon!

The island city was founded on June 26, 1913. Celebrating Avalon’s 100th birthday with ten unusual measurements of Catalina’s rich history

The Essential Movie Library #30: Some Like It Hot (1959)

With her unsung skills as a comedienne tethered to her vulnerability Marilyn Monroe steals every scene she's in.

Unusual Hollywood Memorabilia Hits The Auction Block

and I didn't even show you Marlon Brando's car keys

Vintage Matchbooks From Classic L.A. Places: Beverly Carlton Hotel (AKA The Avalon)

A peek into my crazy huge collection of L.A. matchbooks: The Beverly Carlton Hotel

Grateful Dead

Marilyn Monroe has endorsed cars. Humphrey Bogart's face is on slot machines. Fred Astaire has danced with a vacuum. W.C. Fields sells everything. These stars may be among the dearly departed, but they're earning more money than ever, thanks to the strange but lucrative business of deceased celebrity licensing