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What’s So Risqué About Ana de Armas’ NC-17 Marilyn Pic, ‘Blonde’?

Ana de Armas points out that far more graphic pics than “Blonde" get an R, but what Hollywood finds objectionable is depressingly predictable
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The Crypt Next to Marilyn Monroe’s Is on the Market for a Cool $2 Mil

If you've got the dough, you can be fame-adjacent in the afterlife
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Marilyn Monroe’s Giant Underpants Are Causing a Stir in Palm Springs

Protesters cried misogyny on Sunday at the unveiling of a gargantuan statue of the late Hollywood legend
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Take a Peek Inside the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Marilyn Monroe- and Howard Hughes-Inspired Bungalows

Eat, sleep–even bathe–like Marilyn in the Beverly Hills Hotel suite she frequented most
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The Best Things to Do in L.A. This Week

Wine tasting in the park, online dating horror stories, and Danny Trejo

Was Marilyn Monroe a Feminist?

Michelle Morgan’s book "The Girl" looks at Marilyn's most empowering and rebellious years

Lurid Old Hollywood Tales Lurk Within These Palm Springs Homes

Murder, ghosts, wild parties, and other secrets from the Rat Pack playground’s past

The Iconic Photos That Define L.A.

We asked photographers, curators, and historians to weigh in for the cover story of our December 2016 ’Flashback’ issue