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The Latest on L.A.’s Pot Economy

Out-of-towners are eyeing the market here

The Deal with Pot in L.A. on 4/20/15

The city attorney is cracking down on dispensaries just as cannabis advocates are setting their sights on the 2016 election

Study: Driving Stoned Won’t Make You Much More Likely to Crash

Accurately testing how high someone is continues to bedevil officials

Weed You Can Wear: A Closer Look at Patagonia’s Newest Wetsuit

Buh-bye, neoprene. Hello, guayule!

The World’s First Medicinal Marijuana Farmers’ Market Opens in L.A. This Weekend

All sorts of high jinks are sure to take place at the Boyle Heights event

Marijuana on the Roads: How High Are the Stakes?

Questioning safety and the impending legalization of weed

Grass Roots

The battle to keep big pot-growing operations from cropping up in our local mountains