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A New Map Shows How Fast California’s Cliffs Are Collapsing

A new study measures which of the Golden State’s majestic seaside cliffs are falling fastest in order to come up with a plan

See L.A. Through the Eyes of a Newcomer with This 1960s Map

Cartographer Norman Garbush was a master at mapping New York. Then he came west

CityDig: This Map of L.A. Will Have You Missing the Good Old Days—1891, Specifically

Are those gorgeous Victorian buildings rose-colored, or is it just the glasses?

CityDig: Vernon May Be Boring Now, but in the Early 1900s It Was Bumping

In addition to definitely being free, this map shows the city that once boasted the world’s longest bar

CityDig: These 31 Far-Flung Liquors Kept Depression-Era Angelenos Tipsy

The Hotel Clark’s post-prohibition ”Drinks of the World” map charts everything from corn whiskey to fermented camel’s milk
Skid Row

CityDig: How Skid Row Became a Gathering Place for the Homeless

This 1921 map shows a downtown district where the down-and-out congregated
Forest Lawn Memorial Park

CityDig: The Glendale Graveyard That’s Anything but Spooky

Not feeling the macabre this Halloween? This map of Forest Lawn Memorial Park couldn’t be more cheerful
Route 66

Automobile Club Releases 90th Anniversary Guide to Route 66

There's no cell signal in the desert
Lorcan O’Herlihy

Starchitect Spotlight: Lorcan O’Herlihy

A star of the A+D Museum’s new exhibit, this Irish transplant brings the vivacity of abstract art to his architectural work
L.A. maps

CityDig: Los Angeles Was Once a Small Adobe Backwater

This 1849 stunner is the granddaddy of all L.A. maps