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The season to invest in your makeup has arrived

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International Makeup Artist Trade Show

Masters of illusion—from runway stylists to horror-movie wizards—converge for three days. Beyoncé fans can sit in on a demo by Francesca Tolot, who pre­sents tips from her 12 years...

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Noontime shine. We all get it, and some more than others. A pack of these tissue-thin blotting papers might be the solution.

The Beauty of Sharing: Space NK Founder Nicky Kinnaird Reveals Her Makeup Musts

Before she offers in-person recommendations at her L.A. stores this week, Nicky tells us what’s in her makeup bag, why face oils are the next big thing, and what’s the number one must have product for every Angeleno.

The Makeup Mission: Perfect Foundation

Learn to apply your makeup base like a pro with help from Makeup Forever experts