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Chris’s Picks: 10 Great New L.A. Books

OK, newish.. Here's a year end review of some recent favorites

This Magical and Secret Vaudeville Theater Needs Your Help

Back the Brookledge Follies on Kickstarter and be rewarded with tickets to this mysterious paradise.

It’s Ladies Night At The Magic Castle

(Every night until Sunday, that is)

Before Our Eyes: The Magic Castle Reveals Strict New Dress Code

The world-famous clubhouse is buttoning up their dress code in an attempt to maintain an “elevated and elegant” atmosphere

Vintage Matchbooks From Classic L.A. Places: The Magic Castle

A peek into my crazy huge collection of L.A. matchbooks: The Magic Castle

Fantasy Stories: Moments from the Magic Castle’s 50 Enchanting Years

Milt Larsen, who founded the members-only club for magicians and magic lovers with his late brother, Bill Larsen Jr., conjures five essential stories from the castle’s 50-year history.

The Magic Castle Goes For the Big Reveal

Hollywood’s exclusive escape has suddenly become hip—and a hot film industry property—at 50.

Magic Castle Reveals New Craft Cocktail Menu

Bartenders Joshua Lucas and Jordan Gold unveil the brand new craft cocktail menu they’ve created for Hollywood landmark, the Magic Castle.