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The Former Magician Who Now Owns Magic Castle Has Big Plans for the Place

Randy Pitchford, a magician turned video-game mogul, just bought L.A.’s legendary magic castle, but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve
magic castle

What to Expect When the Magic Castle Reopens in May

The legendary venue won't be accepting guests for the time being, but there's a way to see magic in the meantime
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Revealing the Secrets Inside the Magic Castle

L.A.'s mysterious clubhouse for magicians celebrates 55 years

7 Cultural Hot Spots We’re Most Excited to Visit in 2018

A new Magic Castle, restored art, cool theater, and more on the horizon

Another Magic Castle Is Opening Soon, and We’re Trembling with Anticipation

The private club will be completed later this year

Irene Larsen, Co-Founder of the Magic Castle, Has Passed Away

The matriarch of the first family of magic inspired a community of artists
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A (Harmless) Ghost May Be Roaming Clifton’s Cafeteria

A non-existent blonde shows up in photos taken during the restaurant's renovation
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My LA to Z: Jennette McCurdy

The star of Netflix's new series Between on her Disney addiction, Moscow mules, and where to find a little magic in L.A.

How To Go Big for an L.A. Summer Cocktail Party

It’s going to be legen...wait for it...dary!