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The First 50 Days: Catching Up with Madeleine Brand

Chatting with the Press Play host about producing a daily magazine show, L.A.'s inferiority complex, and the cat art beat

My LA To Z: Madeleine Brand

The native Angeleno and host of KCRW's newest show, Press Play (debuting January 27th), billboards her favorite L.A. hangouts including an old-school roller rink, a secret-ish garden, and where she sates her doughnut cravings

Madeleine Brand + KCRW: The Two Tastes That Taste Great Together

It's the news that L.A. media watchers have been expecting for nearly a year: Madeleine Brand is returning to radio--this time at KCRW.

Making Radio Waves: The Surprisingly Messy End to KPCC’s The Madeleine Brand Show

Inside the tussle that pushed Madeleine Brand to leave the network

KCET Unzipped

Style editor Linda Immediato is still figuring out what to wear to television appearances. #humblerag

What I Learned From My Interview With KCET “So Cal Connected” Host Madeleine Brand

Tonight, I'll appear as a guest of anchor Val Zavala and host Madeleine Brand on the KCET show "So Cal Connected" talking about LA Mag's November "Made in L.A." style feature. What did we talk about as the cameras rolled on but the sound was turned off?