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3 L.A. Neighborhoods Worth a Closer Look

You need to get out of the car to appreciate these gems

The Lake at MacArthur Park Has No Remorse

The 14-foot deep body of water has been claiming lives since its early days in the 1890s
MacArthur Park

More Balls: Thousands of Psychedelic Beach Toys Fill MacArthur Park Lake

Last week it was shade balls. This week it's a Portraits of Hope installation

CityDig: You Think You Know MacArthur Park, But You Have No Idea

This 1917 map traces the tumultuous ups and downs of what was once known as West Lake Park

Langer’s Deli Helps Save the Urban Fruit Trail

Norm Langer will fund replanting efforts after vandals damaged the Lafayette Park project

L.A.’s First Urban Fruit Trail Has Been Vandalized

All but a few of the trees planted in Lafayette Park by children were destroyed last night

Curtain Call: There’s Singing and Dancing in MacArthur and Memorial Parks

Come one, come all. Levitt Pavilions' free summer concert series kicks off this weekend

Bait And Switch: MacArthur Park Lake Holds More Than Just Fish

Design Director Steve Banks put it all on the line during a holiday fishing trip and got something interesting in return

A Glock in the Park: A Guide to the Gangs of the MacArthur Greens

Since as far back as the mid-’80s, gangs have been fighting for a piece of MacArthur Park. Here's who is running the grounds these days