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Uber May Not Actually Reduce Drunk Driving Deaths

A new study challenges the idea that ride shares are saving lives

Would a Female-Run Uber Solve Problems or Cause Them?

A new rideshare offers women drivers for female riders, but some say it's discriminatory

Lyft Pick-Ups Set to Begin at LAX

No need to pick up your chatty cousin at Terminal 3

Uber and Lyft Are Delivering Kittens and Zombies (Respectively)

What better way to stir up publicity than driving around cats and the undead?
Uber, Lyft LAX Pick-Ups

Uber, Lyft LAX Pick-Ups May Not Happen for Holiday Season

Paperwork, of all things, is holding up the green-light
Driverless Cars

Mayor Wants New Tech Advisor to Prepare L.A. for Driverless Cars

The new hire will help guide transpo policy for decades
Bars & Clubs in L.A.

The 15 Most Popular Bars & Clubs in L.A., According to Lyft Users

A good measure of where the city's party animals roar

Your L.A. Lyft Driver Could Be the Next Clooney

More than half of the ride-sharing company's L.A. driver force are aspiring actor types