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Metro Is Experimenting with Public Rideshare—Without the Help of Uber or Lyft

Uber wants to become the "Amazon" of transit, but L.A.'s transit agency has its own ideas
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A Battle Is Brewing Over Those Digital Billboards on Rideshare Roofs

An L.A. city councilman wants to stop blight, but rideshare drivers say they'll lose out on extra income
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Frustrated L.A. Rideshare Drivers Protest Uber’s Latest Painful Pay Cut

Local drivers were barely scraping by—then the app cut their rate by 25 percent

Lyft is Getting Spooky with Stranger Things Rides This Weekend

A car ride that’s scary, but in a fun way this time

Uber May Not Actually Reduce Drunk Driving Deaths

A new study challenges the idea that ride shares are saving lives

Would a Female-Run Uber Solve Problems or Cause Them?

A new rideshare offers women drivers for female riders, but some say it's discriminatory

Lyft Pick-Ups Set to Begin at LAX

No need to pick up your chatty cousin at Terminal 3

Uber and Lyft Are Delivering Kittens and Zombies (Respectively)

What better way to stir up publicity than driving around cats and the undead?