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The LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special

You might as well cancel out every day but Friday for this weekend, as the country’s favorite shopping specials are coming in hot

CHP Seizes $200,000 Worth of Stolen Lululemon Merchandise

Investigators found 16 boxes totaling 1,861 items stolen in various states, in what the company says was the biggest hit it ever took

Om Em Gee: A Lululemon Flagship Opens in Santa Monica Today

The active wear behemoth says Namaste to L.A. with a new location

A Scientific Solution to Looking Effortlessly Chic is Here at Last

It’s called Qemir, and it’s the discovery of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson’s wife, who spent a year designing the new luxury fabric for consumers with “full contact lifestyles”

MamaLA:Confessions of a Guilty Mama: We Just Spent $90 for Leggings—For A 12-year-old

Lululemon’s all the rage for the under 18 set, too