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The Valley’s New Petit Trois Might Be the Most French Restaurant in L.A.

Not only is Ludo Lefebvre’s new location of Petit Trois much larger, it doubles down on the transportive charm of the original

Jon and Vinny’s Excellent Adventure

Two best-friend chefs electrified L.A. with their cooking and built a food empire. Now what comes next?

Meet L.A.’s New Breed of Kiddo Gourmand

A top chef faces a new generation of foodie: a ten-year-old with a palate that favors coq au vin over cocoa puffs
French Bean Burrito

Bite of the Week: The French Bean Burrito from Trois Familia

An up-close look at our editors’ favorite bites from around the city
Petit Trois

Petit Trois and Gjusta Among the Nation’s Best New Restaurants

Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit shows serious L.A. love
Fathers Day

L.A. Chef-Dads Dish on Their Ideal Father’s Day Gifts

Ori Menashe, Ludo Lefebvre, Walter Manzke, and others share their recommendations
2015 Restaurants of the Year

Petit Trois Is One of Food & Wine’s 2015 Restaurants of the Year

The national magazine’s new award recognizes the country’s best openings of the past year

The Best Time to Visit Petit Trois

Managing Lubo Lefebvre’s walk-in-only bistro isn’t easy, but Allen Yuen has handled hungry crowds before

The Best Things Chef Ludo Said During The Taste Finale Screening Party

Reality shows are best viewed with an angry French chef's running commentary, and food from Animal (foie gras loco moco is back!) also helps