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Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet Balances Music and Movement

The company appears this weekend at the Luckman with two classical interpretations

Marat Daukayev Ballet Theatre / The Nutcracker

This restaging of the 1934 St. Petersburg production features more than 130 dancers and more than 500 costumes

Q&A: Carla Bruni Wants to Sing You Love Songs in the Dark

The singer, songwriter, and former First Lady of France will take the stage at the Luckman Theatre this Saturday

Bugging Out: A Chat with Isabella Rossellini About her Green Porno Tour

Gender-bending fish, frustrating earthworm costumes, and the art of fusing comedy with education.

Isabella Rossellini Brings Her Live Insect Porn to L.A.

The series of short films that explores the sex lives of overlooked animals is coming to L.A. as part of the Luckman's eclectic slate of programming.

DO: Music: Sinead O’Connor Returning to L.A.

Head-shaving, Pope-denouncing, TMI-sharing Irish singer Sinéad O'Connor is returning to Los Angeles for her first show since we can't remember when.