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Let’s go dancing

Going Out After Your Twenties: The Beat Goes On

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage, and booze, to satisfy a serious need to shake your groove thing

L.A.’s February Music Residencies: Boots Electric, Scavenger Hunt, and More

From rocker side-projects to dance music experiments

The Beatles on Ukulele. Yup, Really

The ukulele and the Beatles may sound like an odd pairing; for an aficionado of the four-stringed instrument such as music producer Roger McEvoy Greenawalt, it's a match made in heaven.

Los Globos Owner Sues City

Steve Edelson thinks Los Angeles officials have it in for him -- and he's willing to spend $50 million to prove he's right.

Steve Edelson, Party of One

He’s been shot, knifed, hounded by police, and shut down by the city. The story of L.A.’s nightlife wouldn’t be the same without Steve Edelson