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How L.A. Works: Earthquakes

In the natural disaster lottery, L.A. could have it much worse. Earthquakes are rarely deadly, but they are destructive. Understanding what’s happening can help you prepare

How to Create the Perfect Late Summer Cheese Plate

Experts from three of LA’s best cheese shops share their favorite end-of-summer cheeses

Event Alert: Invent L.A.’s Signature Cocktail at Greenbar Distillery

Think you got what it takes to create L.A.’s signature cocktail?

Pharrell Gets Happy in a Brilliant 24-Hour Music Video

Imagine a Los Angeles where everyone is so enthused they're dancing in the streets. Pharrell did.

Halloween 2013: Dia de Los Muertos

Commemorate and honor the dead by building altars to loved ones who have passed, dancing the night away, and enjoying great food and drink in the spirit of the Day of the Dead.

Halloween 2013: Costume & Dance Parties

Halloween can't be all scare all the time. Let your hair down and get wild at the most frightfully thrilling Halloween-themed parties, soirées, and get-togethers L.A. has to offer.

Halloween 2013: Private Haunted Houses

In addition to all the big league haunted houses haunting up your own home and opening it to the public has become a staple of Halloween fun.

Halloween 2013: Haunted Houses

If your own house is lacking ghosts and malevolent spirits, here are a few that aren't.

Halloween 2013: Movie Events

Grab a bucket of popcorn and hunker down in one of L.A.'s many movie theaters for a fright-filled flick.

Halloween 2013: Assorted Scaretastic Events

This year's grab-bag of scare-tastic Halloween events includes a zombie walk, Victorian mysticism, and a rocking Halloween half-marathon.