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L.A. City Council Bans Homeless Encampments Near Schools, Daycare

In an 11-3 vote, Section 41.18 was amended, criminalizing the encampments, with Bonin, Raman and Harris-Dawson voicing ardent opposition

Editor’s Note: Maybe We’re the Sane Ones

While the rest of the nation is squaring off into increasingly insular and hostile political and cultural tribes, we in L.A. are blowing air-kisses at anyone and everyone

Kyoto Vice: DTLA’s Kodo is Both ‘Invitingly Serene’ and ‘Intentionally Boisterous’

Yoya Takahashi’s Kodō serves up elegant Japanese cuisine with a slyly decadent twist

The Move: Ceci’s Gastronomia

LAMag Food introduces new recurring feature "The Move," otherwise known in foodie circles as "a confident and can't fail recommendation"

Crypto Maniacs: How Cash-Poor L.A. Millennials Are Buying Million Dollar Homes

Plus, what a house within driving range of Los Angeles' exclusive golf clubs will run you

50 Years of L.A. Pride in Pictures

How a modest march for civil rights became the biggest party in L.A.

These California Cities Demand the Most Work Hours in the U.S.A.

San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco top the list of cities where renters need to work the longest hours just to make the rent

The Problem With Pools

Southern California’s most enduring lifestyle trope is also a major contributor to our state’s worsening water emergency. A homeowner recounts his lonely battle to turn his seldom-used pool from blue to green . . . and finds an unexpected happy ending.

Parties! Concerts! Dueling Parades! Your Essential Guide to Pride 2022

From parades to parties to ballgames and art shows, a select roundup of pride events in June (and all summer long)