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Sink or Swim: Colonel Kimberly Colloton’s Vision For the L.A. River

The new L.A. head of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers goes with the flow

River Tours: This Year’s Found L.A. Has a Watery Theme

Want to explore the L.A. River? Get your feet wet for free at L.A. Commons' third annual neighborhood fest

DispL.A. Case #66: Chicken Dinner Flood Ledger

The history of Los Angeles as told through 232 objects.

CityDig: Los Angeles’ Forgotten Beer History

As craft brewers embrace ways to establish a connection with Los Angeles past and present, it may be only a matter of time until one taps into L.A.’ underappreciated brewing history to revive a long-dormant local brand: Eastside Beer.

L.A.’s Hidden Caves

No treadmill will ever provide as much fun as these alternatives

CityDig: When the Los Angeles River Ran Wild

Imagine the Los Angeles River before its metamorphosis into a concrete flood control channel, and Mark Twain’s quip about falling into a California river and coming out “all dusty” might come to mind. But the historical record, including photos like the one above, paints a much different picture.

CityDig: Map No. 178: The Zanja Madre in 1868

This manuscript map traces the path of the essential lifeline of early Los Angeles: the Zanja Madre, or Mother Ditch.

L.A.’s Hidden Culture

There are public collections, there are private collections, and then there are these remarkable venues that fall somewhere in between

L.A.’s Hidden Green Spaces

Looking for a hit of serenity or a dose of inspiration? These four extraordinary places will please garden lovers and conservationists alike