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rio reveals

How Do You Make an Immersive Event in the COVID-19 Era? A New Series Celebrating the L.A. River Gives It a Go

Launching later this month, Rio Reveals will connect people with the banks of the L.A. River from home
los angeles river steelhead trout native fish

Can We Ever Bring Native Fish Back to the L.A. River?

Environmentalists are reluctantly hopeful that we'll see OG river dwellers once again

What Will the L.A. River Look Like in the Future?

Los Angeles County is updating its Master Plan for the L.A. River—and it wants your input

So, When Is it OK to Float Down the L.A. River?

The rules of the river can be more difficult to navigate than the river itself

A Beautiful New Park Is About to Open Just East of Chinatown

Los Angeles State Historic Park has been in the works for over ten years

CityDig: El Niño Was a Whole Lot Worse in 1938

See the river on this map? Add 10 to 32 inches of rainfall over three days, and it becomes a rampaging torrent

River Update: Frank Gehry’s Analysis Project Gets a $1 Million Boost

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy awarded the grant to help wrap up the comprehensive study

The Drought: The Dry Years to Come

Rain or no rain, if we don't start rethinking water, we're sunk

Seven Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Locals Only

L.A.-inspired outfits, plus how to pull them off

Six (More) Places to Spot Autumn in Los Angeles

Summer’s officially unofficially over. Here’s where it looks like it, too