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Watch Out! Cops Say WeHo Pickpocket Problem is Out of Control

The up-close-and-personal thievery epidemic has ”more than doubled” since the pre-pandemic era, says LASD Sergeant Joana Warren

Poll: Angelenos Are Losing Faith in LAPD But Don’t Want Fewer Cops

Almost 40 percent of Angelenos disapprove of the job tLAPD is doing, according to a new poll by UC Berkeley and the Los Angeles Times

Protestor Shot in Testicle by LAPD Gets $300K from the City of L.A.

The city approved a $300,000 payout for a man who lost part of a testicle after being shot by a police projectile during a 2020 protest
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At Least 17 Gangs Are Targeting LA’s Richest for Attacks

An LAPD task force has identified at least 17 Los Angeles gangs who have been following and violently robbing people throughout L.A.

Valentina Orellana-Peralta Becomes 1 of 18 LAPD Shooting Deaths This Year

Officers have reportedly shot at least 38 people, 18 fatally —including the shooting Sunday of a man with a knife—in 2021

LAPD Has Already Opened Fire More in 2021 Than All of Last Year

Los Angeles Police Department officers opened fire more times in 2021 than in the previous two years, ending a long downward trend in police shootings for the city. A review...
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For Los Angeles Public Safety Personnel, Could It Be the Jab or the Job?

A police commissioner had harsh words for cops who've refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19—but when will elected officials bring the heat?
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The LAPD’s ‘Controlled’ Fireworks Detonation Is Still Echoing Through South Central

As residents try to pick up the pieces, their councilman says he believes there was a 'level of negligence' on the part of police
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‘It’s a Puzzle’: Experts Are Trying to Figure Out What’s Causing L.A.’s Crime Wave

Los Angeles is on track to record 437 murders this year, the most since 2006. Theories abound, but no one really knows why
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Statistics Show that L.A. Hate Crimes Hit an All-Time High in April

As Biden signs an AAPI hate crime bill into law, LAPD stats published by Crosstown show a historic spike