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“The Sheriff Has Lost the Public’s Trust”: L.A. Dems Vote to Rebuke Villanueva

In a resolution, the same party that endorsed the sheriff told him to restore "trust and transparency" to the L.A. Sheriff's Department

Area Man Says He Saw Knife-Wielding Clown in Santa Clarita

L.A. finally gets in on the whole creepy clown thing
Jon Aujay

Q&A: The Deputy Who Disappeared

Writer Claire Martin speaks with executive editor Matthew Segal about her November issue longread on Jon Aujay, who has been missing since 1998

Cops, Cars, and the People Who Love Them

CHiPs actors and other highlights from this year's 10-4 Parade

FBI Takes 18 L.A. County Deputies into Custody

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has come under fire in a federal jail probe