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Sheriff’s Department Denies Villanueva Ordered Racist Wrongful Demotion

As election day approaches, a Black officer's new lawsuit names Alex Villanueva among allegations of discrimination and retaliation
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“Digital Lives Forever”: Gruesome Photos of Kobe Bryant Crash At Center of Trial

The plaintiffs—including Vanessa Bryant—are suing Los Angeles County for the photos allegedly taken of the crash by first responders

Watch Out! Cops Say WeHo Pickpocket Problem is Out of Control

The up-close-and-personal thievery epidemic has ”more than doubled” since the pre-pandemic era, says LASD Sergeant Joana Warren

Facing Blowback, Sheriff Villanueva Now Says He Didn’t Say He’s Investigating that Reporter

Villanueva is walking back on his comments that L.A. Times reporter, Alene Tchekmedyian, would be included in a criminal leak investigation
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Sheriff Says He’ll Yank 325 Deputies from Metro if Not Given Full Control

“We’re not going to bid for the role of being overpaid security,” L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said during a Wednesday news conference
James Howard Jackson

Manhunt Underway For Gunman In Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Shooting

James Howard Jackson was released from custody at 3:38 p.m. on Wednesday after the attempted murder and robbery charges against him were erroneously dismissed.

Suspected Armed Robbery Gang Terrorizes Southeast L.A.

The cops are hunting for a group of men suspected of robbing three conveniences stores at gunpoint Monday night
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Can Cecil Rhambo Establish Himself as the Reform Candidate to Beat in the Sheriff’s Race?

The LAX police chief, who's running to oust controversial incumbent Alex Villanueva in 2022, adds a local civil rights icon to his list of endorsements
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A Judge’s Ruling May Force Sheriff Villanueva to Discuss Deputy ‘Cliques’

L.A. County's sheriff is trying hard to dodge an inspector general subpoena regarding 'deputy secret societies,' but he's nearly out of options
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Alleged Drunken Gun Play Could Lead to New Booze Rules for Off-Duty L.A. Cops

After a handful of incidents that demonstrate alcohol and guns don't mix, the Police Commission wants an LAPD report on the issue