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Route Tracker: Where We Are With Bike-Sharing in Los Angeles

The largest private bike-sharing program in the country just launched in the Arts District. Los Angeles County’s public program is moving along, too

Metrolink Train Headed to Union Station Crashes Into a Tractor Truck Near Oxnard Tuesday Morning

Dozens of travelers, including the train’s driver, were injured

Los Angeles County Scores Not One But Two Data Plan Upgrades

We’re getting WiFi and cell phone service for the Red Line and a new Web site with county info

Art Leahy’s Tenure is Coming to a Stop

The MTA CEO will step down in April

A Former Pacific Railway Depot Is Hiding Behind a Construction Fence in North Hollywood

This year’s Great Los Angeles Walk provides a look at our city’s transportation history—to those who are looking

Union Station’s Renovation Plans Pick Up Steam

Metro’s long-term vision for the 75-year-old transit hub has moved into the implementation stage

How L.A. Works: Your Commute

Millions pulse through L.A.’s lattice of roads and railways each day. The infrastructure is so intricate, we crafted a fictive model to capture how we make our way through the city

At the Wheel

When he was a bus driver, all Art Leahy wanted was a paycheck to get through college. Now that he runs the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the...