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vacancy tax los angeles

L.A. City Council Members Want To Put a Tax on Vacant Homes

Could an "empty housing penalty" ease the region’s housing crisis?

L.A. Is Making a Big Push to Curb Homelessness. Will Small Houses Play a Role?

Advocate Elvis Summers offers up one inside-the-box solution
bike friendly

The Ride of Way: A View of Los Angeles from a Bicycle Seat

L.A. is becoming more bike friendly, but it has miles to go before being safe for cyclists
Joe Buscaino

City Councilman Repairs His Own Sidewalk to Make a Point

Joe Buscaino put his weekend where his mouth is
Raise the Wage LA

This Is What 100,000 Signatures Looks Like

In a spectacular display, signed petitions to raise the minimum wage were presented to city officials in wheelbarrels, mop buckets, and shopping carts

All in Favor of Raising the Minimum Wage, Start Marching

Citing economic concerns, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce is against paying low wage earners more. That’s why Raise the Wage has organized a demonstration downtown

The Urban Gardening Movement Keeps Growing: City Council OKs Edible Plants for L.A. Parkways

Meaning you can harvest fruits and veggies by the side of the road (without a permit)

The City Council Would Rather You Not Build That McMansion You’ve Been Designing

Home buyers and developers with outsized dreams and funding may be held to new “mansionization” restrictions soonish