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For Lauren Halsey, Art and Basketball Go Hand in Hand

The Los Angeles Athletic Club's first artist-in-residence is making a monument to L.A. history in a historic space

L.A. Athletic Club’s Ultra Exclusive Blue Room Debuts

Here's how to access the watering hole's secret entrance

How L.A. Works: Your Fitness Routine

Hitting the gym is a near-daily ritual (because here we stack weights, not pancakes). You crunch those abs; we crunched the numbers

Fisticuffs on Film: Five Great Bouts for LA Athletic Club’s Fight Night

Boxers from USC and UCLA duke it out in downtown L.A.’s oldest private club.

Marcos Tello & Aidan Demarest Reinvent Los Angeles Athletic Club’s 100-Year-Old Bar

A private new bar and membership deal? Keeping up appearances never tasted so good.

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It’s no secret that gentrification has sparked an economic boom in downtown L.A.’s HISTORIC CORE. But staying overnight doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank