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Protect and Organize: How a Local Civil Rights Non-Profit is Preparing for a Trump Presidency

We spoke to Stewart Kwoh, founder and president of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA

Your Local L.A. Gift Guide for 2016

When you live in the best city in the world, you don’t need Amazon

Artisanal LA Has Your Crafty Needs Covered This Weekend

The event will be held at The Reef on April 9 - 10

Road Food: Green Truck

Saving the earth, one salad at a time

Must Do: Catalina Island

The island is just 22 miles away, but the chance to paddle around a few inches below the water’s surface, getting a tiny window into aquatic life, is added motivation to finally visit

Must Do: Central Casting

Being cast as a background actor could be a onetime lark or a full-time gig

Must Do: Chengdu Taste

You know the most legit Chinese food is in the San Gabriel Valley but are overwhelmed by the options

Must Do: City Hall’s 27th Floor

Your councilperson won’t tell you, but the 27th floor—and its great view—is open to the public on weekdays

Must Do: Moonlight Rollerway

In the ’70s and ’80s, L.A. was heaven on wheels. There are still a few groovy roller rinks left

Must Do: Mount Wilson Observatory

The Mount Wilson Observatory will rock your world. Open daily from April to December, the planetarium, which is located in the San Gabriel Mountains above Pasadena, has the world’s largest telescope available to the public