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Little Sister

Little Sister Is Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Downtown

The Manhattan Beach restaurant is no longer an only child
L.A. Food & Wine

Pick Six: The Best Bites at L.A. Food & Wine

Downtown got even hotter this year with sizzling newcomers like the revamped Clifton's

3 Stunning Lobster Dishes

L.A. chefs hightlight the glamorous crustacean in inventive ways
Mother’s Day

6 Lovely Mother’s Day Brunches

There’s no better way to say I love you than with food and drink

Shot Caller: Tin Vuong Opens Hermosa Beach’s Steak & Whisky Tonight

The chef weaves Asian elements into steakhouse classics and keeps things flowing with a big Japanese liquor selection

Tin Vuong Gets Ready for Three Meals a Day at Downtown’s Little Sister

Expect salt-and-pepper lobster at dinner and quick pan-Asian dishes for breakfast and lunch

Little Sister

Just when we were ready to see the gastropub trend take its gourmet sliders and slide right out of town, we get Little Sister