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Most Wanted: Lingerie Stores Reveal Their Valentine’s Day Best Sellers

From robes to underwear to incredibly strappy things, here's what L.A. is bringing to the bedroom
2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show cancelled

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Appears to Be Slinking Off Into the Sunset

The cancellation is the latest bad news for the brand which has been marred by transphobia, linked to Jeffrey Epstein, and failed to adapt to the times
kimono kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian Rethinks the Name of Her Shapewear Line After the Internet Says #KimOhNo

The reality star thought trademarking the name of a traditional Japanese garment was a cool idea; people didn't agree

This L.A. Lingerie Designer Is Sick of Diversity for Show

The founder of Ozcult is ready for a world where "person of color" and "conventional beauty" are interchangeable terms

Actually-Cool Lingerie

There's a time and a place for meshy underthings, but we've rounded up pieces you'll want to wear instead