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harry morton cause of death

The Untimely Death of Celeb Restaurateur Harry Morton

The Pink Taco founder and former flame of Lindsay Lohan was only 38

Confessions of a Paparazzo

Veteran photo bomber Rick Mendoza turns the lens on himself and offers a peek into the life of that reviled species known as the paparazzi

Snap Chat with a Paparazzo

Rick Mendoza gets around in his job as a “candid celebrity street photographer.” Here, some of his handiwork, with backstory

James Franco’s Greatest Role May Be Playing Himself

In his new book, Hollywood Ending, it’s hard to tell where the actor ends and the cartoonish public figure begins—which is precisely the point

12 Great Profiles Published in 2013 (Not Including Our Own)

Lindsay Lohan, Zadie Smith, Dave Chappelle, and a psychological warfare specialist-turned-scifi-writer round out the list of the year's required reading.

Been Caught Stealing: “Bling Ring” Trailer

Sofia Coppola's got a new a movie, and (unsurprisingly) it's all about the children of privilege -- or at least the kids who steal from them.

Hate-Watching Liz & Dick

Was it an actual movie or an SNL skit gone awry? It's hard to tell.

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of Kitson

Dave Gardetta on how one store has become the trendiest on the map