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hearse crash los angeles

A Pasadena Hearse Heist Ended in a Crash on the 110 Freeway

An SUV with a casket in the back went on a wild ride
best of the decade art and music

The Best Movies and TV Shows of the 2010s Captured a World Threatening to Fall Apart

The best entertainment the decade had murder, meth, and plenty of anxiety

7 Important Lessons About Democracy to Be Learned from Hollywood Movies

For instance, "democracy is always coming apart"
Fusion Food

Fusion Food Gets Even Wilder with These L.A. Burgers and Tacos

Taste Japan, Korea, and Argentina on a bun, and then really go around the world in a tortilla

Matthew McConaughey Redeems Himself With Latest Lincoln Ads

These commercials are Silver Lake-stylish

Let’s Go Bowl-ing

An assortment of hearty grains gives rice the boot in today’s version of the one-dish meal

The Hollywood Crowd Got a Look at Lincoln’s Black Label

A gathering worth battling traffic for

How Many Celebrities Does it Take to Drive a Lincoln?

Ellen DeGeneres and Jim Carrey try to out-do Matthew McConaughey's famous commercial

The Art of Violence

If what a director puts onscreen can inspire, can’t it incite, too? Tussling over artistic responsibility

Abraham Lincoln Birthday Rant: What Spielberg’s Movie Got Wrong

Historian Nathan Marsak nitpicks Spielberg's take on the 16th president