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Where Should WeHo’s Rail Line Go?

It’s early in the process, but a route preference for the Crenshaw Northern Extension is solidifying

Metro Just Dropped Some Stunning Expo Line Numbers

Over 60,000 people now ride the line on workdays

Here’s what the New Metro Station at LAX Will Look Like

Metro just released renderings of the airport connector, and it's going to be a thing of beauty

A Subway to Whittier Is Now a Very Real Possibility

The new plans could mean a much quicker ride to Santa Monica

The Orange Line’s Conversion to Rail Is on Track—Here’s How to Make It Worthwhile

A train line through the Valley will only work if the city’s suburban expanse adapts

Here’s What the Future of Metro Could Look Like With a Half-Cent Sales Tax Increase

If voters pass a ballot initiative in November, this could all be yours
Expo Station

See an Aerial Sneak Preview of Downtown Santa Monica’s Expo Station

The intersection of Fourth and Colorado in Santa Monica will soon look a lot different for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers

Take a Ride on the Expo, Gold Line Extensions

Hop on and head to the beach and the San Gabriel Valley