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Book Excerpt: How A Branch of the Getty Family Became LGBTQ Icons

LAMag is proud to present an exclusive excerpt from James Reginato's book, "Growing Up Getty: The Story of America’s Most Unconventional Dynasty," out this week from Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster.

Outfest’s Head On Bringing Back Its Film Festival Post-Pandemic

"We legitimately have to get what we saw our ancestors do in really big ways and not just ‘share and like,’" Damien Navarro told LAMag

‘Queer As Folk’ Star Jesse James Keitel on Playing Trans Role That’s Not Villainized

“One thing I'm really proud of is how we highlight storytelling around our bodies that doesn't make us the villain," actress tells LAMag

How ‘Queer As Folk’ Star Johnny Sibilly First Reacted to Show’s Mass Shooting Storyline

“I always forget that your body doesn't know that you're acting," actor tells LAMag

How ‘Love Victor’ Star Michael Cimino Learned to Ignore Homophobic Threats Over His Role

"I don't really need to care about what everyone thinks about me 24/7," actor tells LAMag

Karamo Brown Will Celebrate Pride Month By Helping Women’s Rights Organizations

"Once you do that work, come party with us," TV personality tells LAMag

Dylan Mulvaney On Transitioning and Becoming a TikTok ‘Trailblazer’

“I put so much of my own identity away just so that I could have opportunities in my industry,” Mulvaney told LAMag

The Gospel According to John Cameron Mitchell

In LAMag's special Pride Issue cover story, the trailblazing star who created the smash hit "Hedwig" and re-created Tiger King Joe Exotic looks back on his very queer career

Out Asian Pop Singer Wils to Perform National Anthem at L.A. Dodger’s LGBTQ+ Night

"It’s so empowering because [my coming out] inspired hundreds of people in Asia to come out of the closet," music artist tells LAMag

Antitrust Liberals and Anti-Trans Conservatives Team Up Against Big Tech

The passion to take down what some say are monopolistic monsters like Facebook, Amazon and Apple has created an alliance between the aisles