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kevin spacey sexual assault

Kevin Spacey Sex Assault Accuser Dies Before Trial

The actor's lawyers informed the court today that plaintiff "John Doe" has passed away
lauren moshi lethal amounts protest

Protesters Make Noise Outside a Robertson Boulevard Boutique

As a dispute between Lethal Amounts and Lauren Moshi continues to unfold, demonstrators bemoan ”appropriation" and "corporate greed"
fuckjerry lawsuit elliot tebele

FuckJerry Is Now Being Sued for Allegedly Stealing Copyrighted Content

A content creator claps back against the meme king

Could This Safety Feature Have Saved Paul Walker?

Roger Rodas’ widow believes a racing fuel cell could have prevented the deaths of Walker and her husband

Road Rage: Why L.A. is the “Hit-and-Run Capital of the Country”

If you hit someone with your car, you’d be the first to stop, right? Think again

City of Irwindale Loses Suit Against Makers of Sriracha

The L.A. suburb claimed residents were suffering from burning eyes and throats due to the sauce's production.

Los Globos Owner Sues City

Steve Edelson thinks Los Angeles officials have it in for him -- and he's willing to spend $50 million to prove he's right.