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Fear Tech: ’80s Gadgets To Preserve and Protect

Bulletproof vests and voice changers round out this compendium of hi-tech devices (for the 80s, we should say), which ran as a sidebar to “Darkness Descends on the City of Angels,” a feature in our September 1988 issue.

Crime Central: The Hall of Justice Rises Again

Inside the most famous building in the local legal system

Watch Out! 5 Surprising Stalker Myths That Will Make You Look Over Your Shoulder

Los Angeles-based criminal prosecutor Rhonda Saunders tells us about the common myths associated with stalking—and why the offense feels more prevalent in L.A. Close your Facebook account and read this

Ripped from the Headlines: Six Ways to Spell the Signature Sound of Law & Order

Which is correct? Los Angeles magazine investigates

The Defense Does Not Rest: A Q&A with the Original Celebrity Attorney, Mark Geragos

The criminal defense lawyer best known for defending high-profile clients including Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Scott Peterson, weighs in on L.A.’s justice system, celebrity trials, and why confessions of guilt don’t mean a thing.

Sleuthing with Science: A Q&A with Forensic Genealogist Colleen Fitzpatrick

That specialist who has worked on such high-profile cases as Amelia Earhart and the “Arm in the Snow” case, which involved identifying remains from a 1948 plane crash in Alaska, tells us about the field and where it’s heading

True Crime: Phil Spector’s Real Defense Attorney Weighs in on HBO Movie

"I got a call on my phone and someone said, 'Hello, Linda? This is Dave Mamet.' Your first reaction is, I’m being punked."

Flight Club

Cop choppers are used in roughly two-thirds of pursuits, with at least two on patrol 18,000 hours a year. Here’s an overview

20 Years After: The 911 Operator

Rhonda Mitchell was changed forever by the Los Angeles Riots

20 Years After: The Activist

Carlos Vaquerano was changed forever by the Los Angeles Riots