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Da Vinci Complex

The Da Vinci Building Arsonist Didn’t Get Away with It Yet

The LAFD reportedly has a very big lead to investigate: video surveillance of the suspect

Prospecting For a New Sheriff With Steve Soboroff

The president of the Los Angeles Police Commission weighs in on Lee Baca’s surprise retirement

Missouri Brewery Sends Epic Reply to Starbucks Cease and Desist Letter

Sorry Goliath… you found yourself a David.

Zoe Saldana

The East Coast native on learning to drive, having an open mind, and finding heaven downtown

They Got Served: Veteran Process Server J Scott Bergman on Delivering Bad News

“Don’t want to ruin your evening, but I have some papers for you.”

Stranger Than Crime Fiction: An L.A. Private Investigator Shares Her Weirdest Encounter Yet

An anonymous P.I. on the strange business of rooting out secrets

Dead Men Talking: The Program Keeping Serial Criminals from Taking Intel on Unsolved Cases to their Graves

Sex-crimes expert Carol Burke tells us about the innovative way she’s connecting deceased criminals to cold cases

Burn Notice: How Serial Arsonists are Snuffed Out in L.A.

For firebugs, our crispy hills are all too enticing. Arson investigator Rosa Tufts on sifting through the ashes.

Haunted For a Living: What It Is Like To Work Murder Mysteries

LAPD homicide detective Sal Labarbera on dealing with death as a way of life

Hot Fuzz: The Only Thing More Mesmerizing Than TV Car Chases? YouTube Car Chases

The video-sharing site is loaded with first-person LAPD cop car chases that rival Grand Theft Auto. We’re guilty of watching more than our fair share, but here are two of our favorites