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Saugus high school

Thin Blue Line Flag, Alleged Hate Symbol, Flies at SoCal High School Football Game

During a recent game, a Saugus High School football player flew the Thin Blue Line flag high as he made his entrance on the field

47 NorCal Sheriff’s Deputies Lose Badges, Guns for Bad Psych Tests

An audit of Alameda County deputy psyche exams triggered by a recent double-murder revealed dozens unfit for duty
westfield century city shooter lapd police cops

Alleged Drunken Gun Play Could Lead to New Booze Rules for Off-Duty L.A. Cops

After a handful of incidents that demonstrate alcohol and guns don't mix, the Police Commission wants an LAPD report on the issue
citizen app

The Citizen App’s Pilot Program Nods to the Future of On-Demand Policing

The community crime app raised questions when it sent a patrol vehicle out into the streets of L.A.
kelly lytle hernandez

This UCLA Professor’s Books on Policing and Prison Used to Be Treated as Radical. Now, Everything’s Changed

Award-winning historian Kelly Lytle Hernández seizes on a moment when the country is suddenly willing to grapple with white supremacy
Rachel Rossi

Meet Rachel Rossi, the Progressive Ex-Public Defender Running for DA

“L.A. is ready to for a new kind of District Attorney, and a bold, transformative vision of justice,” she says
sherriff alex villanueva los angeles magazine

Meet Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the Donald Trump of L.A. Law Enforcement

Progressives helped elect a dark horse candidate for sheriff, and he’s made them regret it ever since